The Villages of Creekside

There are different payment options for your quarterly dues:

Statement – You should receive your quarterly statements due on the 1st of January, April, July, and October in the mail. Detach the coupon at the bottom and return it to us, with your check, in the envelope provided.  Be sure that the address on the coupon shows through the envelope window. If you pay with EFT, you will not receive a statement. *

Recurring Online Payment – If you use this option, log into your account at Please note that this is not the same as EFT mentioned above and Horst is not associated with this option.

One-Time Online Payments – Visit and click on “Pay Now.” Click “Yes” to agree to terms and conditions. You will need to input your account number and other information on an electronic form. Please refer to your Statement as all the necessary information is printed on your Statement. Once you have entered the requested information, choose either “Pay by eCheck” (free) or “Pay by Card” (fees apply).

Homeowners are encouraged to enroll in the EFT (autopay) option with Horst. This ensures automatic and timely payments each quarter with no hidden fees and no late fees as the funds are automatically drafted from your bank account.

 EFT – If you are currently using Electronic Funds Transfer (automatic withdrawal) through Horst and wish to continue, no action is required to continue payments in 2021. The correct amount that you owe will automatically be withdrawn on the 5th of the month that it is due. If you wish to begin EFT as recommended, please click on the EFT Authorization Agreement button above and complete the enrollment form and send it to Horst as instructed on the form. Please consider this option for payment to ensure that you never miss a payment or get charged a late fee.

 If you need assistance or have any difficulties with paying online, please contact a representative at 1-866-800-4656, Option 3.

If you have questions regarding paying the quarterly dues, please feel free to contact Nancy Miller at (717) 581-9956  or