The Villages of Creekside

Frequently Asked Questions

​How do I report a street light that isn’t working?
North Cornwall Township is responsible for the street lights in Creekside.  Street lights that are not working can be reported to:

Justin Thompson
Public Works Director/ Managers Assistant
North Cornwall Township
320 S. 18th St.
Lebanon, PA 17042
Ph. 717-273-9200

Be prepared to give Justin the locator numbers on the pole of the street light that is out.  If there are no numbers on the pole, please indicate the closest address to the pole.  It may also help if you marked the pole with a ribbon or a piece of painters tape. Pictures are also helpful when reporting.  Justin first contacts MetEd to request a bulb change.  If that does not resolve the issue, please follow up with him and he will send the Township’s electrician to repair the issue.

What if I have issues with trash and recycling? 
Waste in Time – (717) 892-8128 
Starting July 1, 2020, Waste Collection will be included in your quarterly HOA dues.  There will be no need to start or stop service after July 1, 2020.  Trash and recycling will be collected Monday mornings, unless it is a holiday, in which case it will be collected on Tuesday morning.  It is recommended that you put your receptacles at the curb  the evening before collection.  Homeowners are responsible for purchasing their own receptacles.  Please see the ‘Waste in Time Community Guide” on the ‘Forms’ tab for more information.  To report an issue or ask questions regarding Waste Collection, please call Horst at (717) 581-9956.  To arrange for additional services, please call Waste in Time at (717) 892-8128.

Please copy web address to view the holiday schedule. 

What are the rules on pet waste?



2. f. iii.   It shall be unlawful for any person owning or possessing any dog, cat, or other animals to fail to clean up and properly dispose of their pet’s or animal’s feces deposited on any street, sidewalk, public places, Township Parks, or other private properties. 

​I would like to reserve the Village Center/Pool for a private party.  How do I do that?

Only the Village Center party room can be reserved.   Contact Horst Management to make the request.  The pool will still be open to residents.  Provide the date, time and number of people and then the request will be sent to the pool committee for approval and to make sure that no other party has been scheduled for the same day.  Pool rules limit guests to 4, however, you can request an exception for your party.​

I noticed that the storm drain near my house needs to be repaired.  Who do I contact about this?
If the storm drain is clogged with debris, please report it to Horst Management.  For all other repairs, please contact Justin Thompson at North Cornwall Township.

I am selling my home and I need a resale certificate.  How do I get one of those? How much does it cost?
Resale certificates can be ordered at  For complete instructions, please download “Resale Certificate Instructions” from the “forms” section of this website.  The cost for the Resale package is $195 and should be ordered at least 10 business days prior to settlement

I am remortgaging my home and the lender needs to have a questionnaire filled out.  Who do I contact? How much does it cost?
Lender Questionnaires can be ordered online through CondoCerts at  The cost for a lender questionnaire is $150.00.

Why is architectural approval necessary prior to making changes to my property?
Architectural approval is essential to ensuring that all visible changes are in keeping with the community’s standards for construction and are aesthetically pleasing to the community. Continued adherence with these standards ensures long-term enjoyment of the community, protected curb appeal and property values, and fairness among the neighbors.  Please submit a request form and obtain approval before making any changes to the exterior of your home, including landscaping. Request forms can be downloaded from the “forms” section of this website.  Please read the form and make sure you submit all of the requested information.

Who do I contact with my concerns about speeding?
The HOA and the North Cornwall Township encourages residents to report a speeding problem. This can be done via email,, or by calling the police station at (717) 274-0464. If sending an email, please put SPEEDING COMPLAINT in the subject line.  Please be specific by including the location, if there is a particular day of the week or time of day when the problem is occurring, and any other information that may help the Police Department best address your concern.